Rev. Jude Smith

Hudson Valley Weddings and Ceremonies

Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister and Civil Wedding Officiant


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About Rev. Jude

Reverend Jude Smith Hudson Valley Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister Wedding Officiant 

JUDE  SMITH is a nondenominational interfaith  minister. In that role she sees the commonality of the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.  A teacher at heart, her passion is to lead others along their own spiritual paths.


Reverend Jude is the Executive Director of the Center For Authentic Living, an organization committed to reminding people who they are and to providing the tools needed to live from that higher place.  In addition to creating and officiating at ceremonies and rituals, Reverend Jude regularly facilitates meditation retreats and workshops on a variety of topics, and has a thriving private practice offering spiritual counseling, mentoring, and energy  healing.  


Reverend Jude’s personal journey took her down many wonderful paths before she realized all were leading her to serve as an interfaith minister.  She has been a classroom teacher and has created education curriculum for the State of New York that is still being taught to millions of children.  She has been a radio personality, hosting a show called Life Talk that aired to an audience of over 300,000 listeners.  She has produced national and international events for well-known presenters in the field of personal development before discovering that she had a voice of her own.  Reverend Jude continues to write professionally and regularly delivers keynote addresses on topics of spirituality.


In addition to her ordination as an interfaith minister, Reverend Jude holds degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from the State University of New York at Albany, and an advanced degree in Education from Pace University.  She received her ministerial training in New York City at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, a leading-edge seminary program that immerses candidates in a deeply personal and authentic experience of essential spirituality.

Reverend Jude sees the wholeness in all whom she meets, and she receives great joy from supporting others in waking up to that truth.  She takes delight in supporting the creation of finders from those who seek, and her greatest desire is for others to see themselves through her eyes.